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Friday, November 4, 2011

What Are The Best Rift Classes?

If you require to know what the best Rift classes are, look no further. Read this post to discover the best Rift classes for each of the roles within the game! Unlike other games, in Rift there are only 4 total classes (referred to as callings) available to pick within the game. When you pick your calling, you've the choice of selecting as much as 3 (of 8+) "souls" to make use of together with your calling. Since you are able to pick any combination of souls, every player can then produce their very own Rift class.

Trying to figure out the proper combination for yourself can require lots of time and challenging work. Blade Dancers can inflict much damage in a short period of time. These off-souls are important simply because the Assassin lets you poison your enemies, whilst Blade Dancer increases your chance of dodge. So how do you learn which combination is the proper to make use of in various situations? Learn how to create the perfect build for any scenario with Rift Supremacy. Then select the Bard and Ranger as the combinations. By utilizing the Bard and Ranger souls, you'll also have the capability to continually cast healing spells and summon a pet to fight with you.

With that said, a Pyromancer and Elementalist hybrid (Mage) is completely up there for dealing damage. This combination is able to deal extremely high harm whilst healing the entire group. By far, the proper healer within the game is the Cleric calling. Best PvP Class. Out of the ranged classes, the Marksman (Rogue) has a some of the best damage stats in the game.

Now here are some bonus Rift leveling tips that work for all classes, and both Guardian and Defiant:

Sometimes when you're standing around the world, the skies will darken and large numbers of enemies will invade the area. One of the fastest methods to level up in game is to participate in Rift events and invasions. As a result, you are able to earn thousands of experience points when you're in a large group battling against the invasions. While you will find numerous methods to earn experience points to level up, a couple of methods are much faster than others. A large number of enemies will manifest themselves in a small space. As a result, you are able to earn thousands of XP when you're in a large group battling against the invasions.  During invasion events make sure you get within the public group and find a 20 person raid so you are able to earn numerous experience points.

The quests are extremely simple to follow and you will find lots of them, so if you've no desire to battle against Rift enemies or other players, you are still able to easily quest to the max level of 50. With that said, there is extremely a typical quest method that may take you to the Rift level cap. If you are able to pick up a couple of every day PvP quests (found in Sanctum or Meridian) and win your match, you are able to earn the same amount of experience as numerous real-world quests in half the time!

Additionally, battling other players in PvP does offer a couple of experience pointa (as does winning a Warfront match), so when you combine that with dailies, getting your daily win is important to quick leveling. Furthermore, the PvP dailies offer numerous experience points (much much more than typical quests).

Click here to learn about Rift Supremacy, the best guide to Rift classes, leveling, and combat.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 Dominator Review

Okay, so it's not really got anything at all to do with Rift (apart from being a video game) but Battlefield 3 is seriously sweet. If you haven't already got a copy I highly advise you do so now- you won't regret it. Ive been playing this game pretty solidly now for a few days, and the other night my buddy CJ (who is the author of Rift Supremacy believe it or not) sent me an email about his new guide for Battlefield 3, called 'Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide'. Now here's the thing, CJ really knows his stuff, and he has made a lot of popular guides for games in the past including WoW, Rift, and now Battlefield 3. I got myself a copy of the guide, so today you are going to read my Battlefield 3 Dominator review

BF3 Dominator is the first to use video guides to show you exactly how to play Battlefield 3 like a pro. CJ is very good at making easy-to-follow videos, as anybody who has watched his Rift Supremacy videos will be able to attest to. Although other BF3 multiplayer game guides came out earlier, none of them offer the same degree of teaching in terms of video-based instructions that Battlefield 3 Dominator does. This is the huge advantage of the product- rather than reading boring written instructions and wondering 'how the heck do I put this into practice?' you can instead see a neat little video and understand immediately exactly what you need to do. It comes as a digital download as well, so there is no waiting around for anything to get delivered.

From my experiences of it, Battlefield 3 Dominator will show you how to:

  • Become an effective team player, which is key for a game like this.
  • Master all weapons and classes.
  • Learn choke points and 'killing zones' on all the maps in the game. If you want to know how to play Battlefield 3 multiplayer well then this is essential.
  • How to create custom weapons that own the competition.
  • How to master all the game modes.
BF3 Dominator guide combines videos, written instructions, and pictures (mainly for the detailed map guides) to provide a pretty awesome strategy guide for the game. Although it is quite expensive at $34.99, you do get a money back guarantee in case you aren't satisfied with the final product. Because of how comprehensive it is, and because of the great deal of quality content in the guide, my review of Battlefield 3 Dominator is very positive- if you can afford the purchase price then buy your copy of BF3 Dominator today.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Check Out My New Battlefield 3 Blog

As you are probably well aware I am a pretty keen gamer (hence I post on my Rift blog here) With the release of Battlefield 3 I have let the MMORPG goodness go for a while and decided to get up to some good old blowing stuff up. Today I started a new blog called 'BF3 Multiplayer Guide', where I aim to share some of my gaming knowledge and blog about general interest issues for Battlefield 3 gamers. My inaugural post, entitled 'Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide Review' is up - in this I am looking at one of the new BF3 strategy guides that has been released in the past 48 hours. It's a pretty detailed review, so if you are interested in BF3 check it out.

Rift Supremacy Level 50 Footage

Hey guys, can't remember if I have posted this video before, but here is some footage of Level 50 gameplay with Rift Supremacy. If you haven't got your own copy of this guide yet then I highly recommend you read my Rift Supremacy guide review.

Here's the video anyway:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rift Warrior Guide For Beginners

If you are new to Rift and either playing, or planning on playing, as the Warrior calling/class, then you need to read this Rift Warrior guide. The four different callings in the game all play very differently from each other, and are not comparable to similarly named callings from other games such as WoW.
The Warrior class is basically the king of PvP, and is also the champion of tanking. If large amounts of damage need to be absorbed or dealt out, then the Warrior is the go-to calling. Also, if you want to cause lots of damage per second to one enemy then the Warrior is very good. The properties of the Warrior are also massively augmented by the unique soul system in Rift.
You can have up to four different specs available in Rift, and switch between them very easily. This means you can go from PvP to PvE, DPS or defense rapidly.
As a Warrior in Rift you will probably want:
  • A leveling spec (this will help cut down on the time it takes to gain levels, and makes power leveling much more simple)
  • A solid PvP spec.
  • A power PvE spec.
  • A tanking spec.
This will give you four different ways of playing Rift with your Warrior, and will provide you with a lot of interesting and useful gameplay possibilities.
As far as statistics go, Warriors need high Strength and Endurance. Dexterity is not quite so important (although it is still a worthy consideration) as you can mitigate a lower dexterity by equipping weapons that have a high critical hit chance.
When starting out as a Warrior in Rift, your first soul should be Riftblade. Although this soul has been weakened somewhat by recent updates, it is still very powerful and enables you to wield a lot of static damage- this means that you can deal lots of damage at lower levels, even without strong weapons. This will therefore give you an edge earlier on in the game.
Your next soul choice when you unlock soul 2 ought to be Champion. This soul has an ability (Bull Rush) that will help you level up more quickly. Also, Soldiers Bearing will increase your damage by 5%.
This basic Rift Warrior guide will help you to understand the mechanics of the Warrior calling, as well as set you on the right path to creating a powerful character. If you are serious about dominating Rift as a Warrior then click here to learn about the best Rift Warrior leveling and build guide.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rift Guardian Beginner Guide - Your First Steps As A Guardian In Rift

Here is a brief beginners guide for Guardian players in Rift. If you are absolutely new to the game, and are not sure at all of how to play, then watch the video below to learn how to pick up your first few quests, get souls etc.
Even if you want to play as Defiant this video is well worth watching, as it will give you a great insight into basic game mechanics. Rift can be confusing if you have never played online MMORPG games before, so this is well worth watching for all new players.
There is also a great wee preview of Rift Supremacy, which is perhaps my favorite strategy guide for Rift. If you are new to the game and want to learn how to play properly then I really do recommend that you buy yourself a copy of Rift Supremacy. It costs less than $35 USD, and is a great resource full of leveling guides, excellent builds for all callings, and item and quest guides; you also get free updates and a money-back guarantee.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Guardian vs Defiant

In today's post we are going to be taking a look at Guardian vs Defiant, the differences between these two 'factions', and how much your Rift experience will be altered depending on which one you pick when creating your character.
Basically, the Guardian are the 'good guys' of the Rift game world, chosen by the Gods and all that jazz. On the other hand, the Defiant (as the name suggests) are the 'bad boys', and instead use technology to enable themselves to resurrect 'ascended'; both Guardian and Defiant players are 'ascended', the only difference is how your character arrives at this point.
As far as Guardian vs Defiant is concerned, there aren't too many major differences in gameplay. If you go to Rift forums many will rant on endlessly about how one side is so much better than the other, but in my honest opinion it really doesn't matter too much.
The biggest difference is that the 'races' are faction specific- three for Guardian, three for Defiant. Guardian have Dwarf, High Elf, and Mathosian, and Defiant have Bahmi, Eth, and Kelari.
Here is a neat table showing the different attributes of each of the the races:

In conclusion, there isn't much difference between Guardian and Defiant, beyond the different races available. If you are new to Rift then click here read this comprehensive Rift beginners guide to learn exactly how to play the game like a pro.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rift Dungeon Guide For Beginners

In this newbie-friendly guide we are going to be looking at dungeons in Rift. If you've ever played any MMORPG game before you are probably well aware of how dungeon play works; however, there are still going to be a few differences between Rift and other games. Dungeon play is an excellent way of boosting your character through experience, as well as gaining large amounts of loot. Keep reading my Rift dungeon guide for beginners.

Dungeons in Rift are 'Instances'- this means that when you enter the Dungeon with your party you get the dungeon to yourself. You don't need to worry about other players who aren't involved with your party interfering with your dungeon raid. You need a group of 5 players to venture into a dungeon, as well as a certain level requirement.

As far as Expert dungeons go, you need to be level 50 to attempt them. However, not only do you need to be level 50, but your whole party must be level 50. There are two tiers of Expert dungeons, and they can be pretty tricky to survive!

Getting through dungeons in Rift can be quite a steep learning curve. If you want to dominate instanced Rift gameplay then read Rift Supremacy, which is the best and most comprehensive strategy guide out for the game. Click here to learn more about Rift Supremacy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Many People Play Rift?

When Rift first came out, Triond announced that there were over 1 million pre orders for the game. However, how many people play Rift now?

This is actually quite a difficult question to answer, as there are no exact stats floating around online. It seems as if the player base could potentially be shrinking, as some server/shard merging is going on. That is usually a sign of a dwindling subscriber base in MMORPG games.

On the other hand, that could just represent Triond working towards increased efficiencies and economies in the Rift project, thus reducing the risk of subscription fee increases (which would honestly kill the player base IMO)

The short answer is that nobody (apart from the game developers themselves) are quite sure how many people play Rift.

You want my opinion? Enough people play it to ensure that you are going to have a good time, so if you don't already have a copy get one now!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rift Cleric DPS Build - Effective DPS Cleric Build

If you are after a good Rift cleric DPS build then try the following useful build type for what is normally considered to be a bit of a defensive magic caster. I'm not personally the biggest fan of using the Cleric as a DPS calling, but there are some pretty nifty builds that can be used.
The first Rift Cleric DPS build is based around the Cabalist, Inquisitor, and Sentinel souls. These offer some rather appealing offensive abilities, alongside good defensive potential if you want to go all out in PvP or PvE. In the below build Inquisitor and Sentinel are mostly there to offer useful stat increases- Cabalist is the main damage dealer.

Dark Passage and Engulfing Shadows are very useful abilities for a DPS-orientated Rift Cleric. Dark Passage will help you to escape from Area of Effect spells or attacks, by teleporting you a short distance away (you gotta play to your defensive strengths as a Cleric, and the use of magic to get your ass out of trouble is one of these)
Once again I would like to repeat that I am not an expert with Cleric DPS gameplay, as the Cleric is not really a calling I enjoy playing as. This Rift Cleric build for raiding DPS has also won 5 star reviews, so is worth a look at too. However, I think you will get very far with the one pictured above.
If you want to build powerful DPS characters for any calling, or you are interested in other build types such as healing, melee, and PvP play then read Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide. It has a truly fantastic builds for all calling and gameplay types, as well as very detailed beginners gameplay guides.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide Download

If you want a Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide download for the best price possible then you have come to the right place. If you were hoping to find a free torrent or pirated download then you're out of luck. I'm a firm believer in the creators of useful guides such as Xerxes Rift Mastery getting a reward for their hard work.

Considering that you can purchase your own copy of Xerxes Guide for less than $40, and there is an unconditional money-back guarantee in case you aren't satisfied, you actually have nothing to lose by purchasing your own copy. You get instant digital download after your payment has been securely and safely processed, and you will be well on your way to playing Rift like a pro.

In case you haven't already read my in-depth review of Xerxes Guide, you ought to know that this guide is more suited to those who are 'newbies' or anyone who wants a detailed build guide for any calling or soul combination. If you are looking for power leveling strategies then you are better off with Rift Supremacy, IMHO.

Click here to download your copy of Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide today.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Best Rift Blog - Rift Watchers

Here is a brief heads up on an essential Rift resource that you need to be reading with regularity. Rift Watchers is probably the biggest 3rd party Rift blog out there, and is updated very frequently with very useful information and insights.

Read it here today.

Best Rift Leveling Guide Revealed

Today we are going to be having a look at what the best Rift leveling guide is. There are a few top titles available in the way of strategy and leveling guides for Rift, and some are naturally going to be far better than others. Although you can find plenty of leveling information and tips for free online (check through the extensive archive of posts on this blog for starters) a proper Rift leveling guide can be very convenient- everything you need to chew through the levels can be found in one convenient place, ready-to-go.
The three contenders for the title of Best leveling and strategy guide for Rift are Rift Supremacy, Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide, and Rift Domination (which is the newest of the bunch) Which one of these is the best, and why? Keep reading to find out.
An important thing you need to consider when selecting your Rift guide is what type of gamer you are. If you are an experienced online gamer, and have put hours into popular titles such as World of Warcraft, then you are going to appreciate either Rift Supremacy or Rift Domination more. Why? Because these two guides have a strong focus on more advanced power leveling strategies, which require a bit of prior gaming knowledge.
On the other hand, if you are totally new to MMORPG gaming, and you are finding yourself a little bit confused by Rift, then Xerxes Guide is a much better choice. It has an absolutely brilliant introductory section on basic Rift gameplay mechanics, how to best build your character, questing and so on. Therefore, if you are the kind of gamer who really wants to understand how to play, Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide is for you.
Now the big question is which one of these three guides will help you gain levels the fastest? My honest personal opinion is that Rift Supremacy contains the pick of the power leveling instructions- you can hit the level cap in a few days if you have plenty of time to kill in front of the computer. However, Rift Domination is not bad either. Xerxes Guide lags behind in its power leveling instructions, and instead has a strong focus on character build guides and questing.
So in conclusion, the best Rift leveling guide is Rift Supremacy. If you want to hit the level cap as quickly as possible then there really is no better option. It is also very well priced, at just $34.95, and you get free updates for life (this is very useful when Rift itself is updated and game mechanics change) Overall I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of Rift Supremacy, as well as how it will enable you to get the most out of your gaming.
Click here to learn more about Rift Supremacy.
For your information, here are some videos of Rift Supremacy, Xerxes Guide, and Rift Domination:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buy Rift Domination - Get A Discount Here

If you want to buy Rift Domination, which is an up-and-coming strategy guide designed to compete with Rift Supremacy and Xerxes Rift Mastery guide, then you need to get your copy here.
If you have not yet already read my review of Rift Domination first then do so now- you will be pretty interested in what I have to say about the guide, as it differs from the competition in a couple of ways.
Once you have made up your mind, if you want you should buy Rift Domination here to ensure that you get the absolute best price possible.

Rift Supremacy Scam?

Is Rift Supremacy a scam? If you have been taking a look at this popular strategy guide for Rift then you may be concerned if it is actually a legit product or not. After all, there are so many 'sharks' out there on the Internet that it can be pretty difficult to know what is good and what is bad.

The truth about Rift Supremacy is that it is not a scam. I can wholeheartedly promise that it is a legit strategy guide, with a lot of cool and useful information that you can use to improve your playing skills.

There are a lot of 'haters' of paid strategy guides out there, even though this is pretty misguided. Rift Supremacy is definitely not a scam, and there is absolutely no way that I would recommend it if it were anything but a legitimate strategy guide.

Rift Supremacy scam? I think not.

Click here to learn more about Rift Supremacy today.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rift Warfront PvP Footage

Here is an oldie but a goody - a cool video of some Rift warfront PvP combat, through the eyes of a saboteur.

If you've got a free 15 minutes to remind yourself why Rift is awesome, then watch this video now:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rift Domination Review - How Does The New Contender Shape Up?

If you have read through much of this blog then you will have seen the names Rift Supremacy and Xerxes Rift Guide pop up frequently- these are the two 'heavyweight' strategy guides in the Rift world. However, there is now a new kid on the block. Rift Domination, by James Folex, claims to be able to show the fastest leveling path possible, as well as how to make huge amounts of gold. Is Rift Domination going to dethrone Supremacy and Xerxes, or is it just going to flounder? Keep reading this Rift domination review to find out more.

I am always keenly interested in any new MMORPG strategy guide that comes out. Because of the complex nature of this genre of game, there is never going to be one definitive guide. Clever players can always develop new strategies to get themselves to the top- that's what makes online RPG gaming so exciting. So does Rift Domination bring anything new to the party, or is it more of the same old?

Here is my Rift Domination review, in convenient bullet points, so you can easily make up your mind:
  • Rift Domination does have a very clear and concise method for building levels quickly. Although I said in the past that Rift Supremacy had the best power leveling guide for Rift, I think I might have to take that statement back. Rift Domination might just be the best Rift power leveling guide out there. Regardless of your calling, or exact build, or experience level, you will be able to hit the level cap very quickly. Supposedly you can get from 0-50 in 48 hours, although this seems like a bit of a stretch.
  • There is a very accomplished beginner guide. If you are completely new to Rift and aren't sure how to play or what to do then this will ease your worries. In fact, I prefer this beginner guide to the one in the Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide. If you are a Rift newbie then the beginners guide in Rift Domination will be absolutely vital for you.
  • Rift Domination features an in-depth guide to Rift instances. These are kind of like private dungeons (if you weren't aware) for higher level players. They can be very challenging. There are also 3 instanced raids.
  • It has a strong focus on PvP gameplay. If you like PvP then you will love Rift Domination.
  • There are full-color maps for every major area in the game.
  • One big problem with Rift Domination is that it costs quite a bit more than both Xerxes and Rift Supremacy. The current price of Rift Domination is $47, which is about $12 dollars more than the major competition. Is it worth the extra money? If you are a newbie, or want to power level very quickly, then yes. If you have the extra money to spend, yes. Otherwise, you are better off with Rift Supremacy or Xerxes Rift Mastery Guides.
  • You get a free bonus dedicated to Rift PvP combat, including how to build a strong PvP character. This is a very nice touch.
  • There are free updates for life, and no hidden fees. You also get a 60 day money-back guarantee.
  • You can pay by Paypal, and all major credit cards are accepted too. Payment is 100% secure. You then download your copy after payment.
In conclusion, this Rift Domination review has to reach the conclusion that it is a very accomplished guide, but it is slightly too pricey for what it brings to the table. Unless you are a complete newbie, or want to power level as quickly as possible, you are probably better off saving a bit and going for either Rift Supremacy or Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide. However, if you don't mind the price (remember that you get a money-back guarantee) then you will be pleasantly surprised by Rift Domination.
Click here to learn more about Rift Domination, including what other users have to say about it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rift Cleric PvP Build Video - A Powerful PvP Cleric Build For Your PvP Pleasure

Check out this video for a very usable Rift Cleric PvP build. I am a big fan of the Cleric calling for PvP combat in Rift. While you're at it, check out Rift Supremacy and get a comprehensive build list for all callings and game types (PvP, solo play et)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rift Warrior Solo Build - Works For Patch 1.3

Playing as a solo character build in Rift is a pretty daunting task. There are a lot of nasty creatures, monsters, and enemies out there to get you in the world of Telara. For this reason, the Warrior calling is extremely well suited to solo play. In this Rift Warrior solo build you are going to learn the basics of creating a powerful character that will thrive in solo play. Also, this build works well with Rift patches 1.2 and 1.3, and beyond, so you don't need to worry about it being an out of date build.
The most important thing with a Rift Warrior solo build is that it needs to be very well-balanced. Because you might have to go from playing a defensive to offensive game in a few moments, you can't neglect any aspect of combat skill. You need to have both close & ranged combat abilities, as well as some defensive capabilities. The good news for the Warrior calling is that there are four distinctly offense souls, and four defense souls that can be selected from. Therefore, all you need to do is pick two offense and one defense soul, ensuring that you have both ranged and close damage capabilities, and physical and magical damage defense.
As far as offense souls go, put points into the following:
Champion - this soul is great at close range combat and will allow you to dominate close encounters more easily
Beastmaster - you get some decent ranged abilities, not to mention a pet that will be invaluable for 'crowd control'.
For your defense soul you can pick between Paladin, Reaver, Void Knight, and Warlord.
If you are not too worried about the risk of magic attacks then select Paladin. This will provide you with the best physical damage defense.
However, it is probably a more sage idea to select either Reaver or Void Knight, simply as these provide good magic and ranged defense abilities. Nothing will ruin your day quicker than coming up against a powerful mage who can just shred through your Warrior solo build, so it pays to have some solid magic defense.
At the end of the day there are many different combinations available for a viable Rift solo Warrior build. The type of character you create will be a reflection of your playing style. The main thing you need to take away today is that you MUST create a balanced build if you want to do solo play. You can't have an all-out attack build, nor can you focus squarely on defense.
Now that you know the basics of creating a powerful solo Warrior character, click here to learn how to make a truly unbeatable Warrior.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rift Professions Guide - An Introductory Guide To Rift Professions

Professions are an important part of most online RPG games, and this is no exception for Rift: Planes of Telara. Picking the right profession for you will enable you to progress swiftly through the game, and you will also enjoy playing it far more. You can use professions to boost your character's skills, or you can profit by earning gold. Keep reading this Rift professions guide to learn more about the different types of professions you can choose from, as well as how you can use them to boost your progress in Rift.

There are two distinct types of professions in Rift: crafting professions, and gathering professions. All the professions in Rift fall under one of these two headings.

Rift crafting professions guide

  • Armorsmithing is used to create armor for your character, or that you can then onsell to other players.
  • Outfitting is similar, but creates leather and cloth items instead. If you rely on defense from heavy armor then avoid outfitting and pick armorsmithing instead.
  • Weaponsmithing makes physical damage weapons for Warriors and Rogues.
  • Artificing makes weapons for Mages and Clerics, as well as magical necklaces and rings (these can be used by every class)
  • Runecrafting is used to break down existing items into shards/fragments, which can then be used to enhance other items (usually weapons or armor)
  • Apothecary is used to create potions for healing, defense, and mana boost.

Rift gathering professions guide

  • Butchering allows you to collect leather and hides from dead monsters.
  • Foraging allows you to collect herbs and plants.
  • Mining allows you to collect ore.

With gathering professions you can either use the items you find in conjunction with a crafting profession to make even better items, or you can go to the auction house and sell whatever you find. If you are short of cash, or want to raise quite a healthy sum of platinum in a short period of time then consider auctioning off spare items you got from gathering.

You can have up to three professions at any one time, and you can change later in the game (but you have to go through the hassle of assigning points all over again, so it is better to be sure what professions you want to use early on)

  • Mining works well with weaponsmithing and armorsmithing.
  • Butchery works well with outfitting.
  • Foraging is good for artificing and apothecary.

For a more in-depth Rift professions guide please click here.

What Is The Best Rift PVP Class? Read Here To Find Out

Extra, extra, read all about it! - Today you are going to learn what the best Rift PVP class happens to be. If you are a big fan of PVP combat, but aren't sure how to create a powerful character that will stand up to any test thrown at it, then you need to read this guide. Player vs player combat is very different to regular combat, and callings/classes and techniques that work there don't work so well in the realm of PvP.
The best calling (or class, if you prefer to use the old fashioned term) for PvP combat in Rift is the Warrior. Although you have probably read that the Rogue is the most flexible calling in general, when it comes to Player vs Player combat you really do need the extra power and combat strength that the Warrior calling brings to the table.
Now that we have determined that the Warrior is the best Rift PvP class, what is the best soul or character build for combat?
Both the Void Knight, and Riftblade souls are extremely potent for PvP combat. These two souls in combination will provide you with an excellent base for defense and offense against both magic and physical damage character builds. In particular, mages and clerics will have a difficult time overcoming the Void Knight, as it specializes in defending against cast magic. The Rift Blade is excellent at repelling physical damage attacks, so you are well sorted for all types of defense.
Because a Warrior-Rift Blade/Void Knight combo is so good at defense, and you can dish out huge amounts of physical damage, you just cannot be beaten (provided you have the right amount of skill and aren't battling out of your league) Only the Bard can offer a challenge, up until level 19-20. After this point the Warrior is just going to rocket ahead of the bard in the PvP stakes.
Therefore, the best Rift PvP class is the Warrior, with the Rift Blade and Void Knight souls. Put points and effort into this build and you will reap the reward for your efforts. Player vs Player combat is some of the most fun you will have with Rift, so make sure you have a good build for it.
Do you want to master Rift PvP Combat? If so, please click here to learn how.

Don't forget to check out my Elder Scrolls Online leveling guide as well.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Xerxes Rift Guide Download

If you are looking for a Xerxes Rift guide download that you don't have to pay for then you have come to the wrong place! I don't support the torrenting or illegal downloading of game guides such as the Xerxes Rift mastery guide, or Rift Supremacy. Why? Because so much hard work goes into making them, and they are designed to save you time by avoiding searching all over the web for answers. Instead, you pay a small up front cost and save all the time and hassle it would normally take you to learn how to play Rift properly.
If you want to download Xerxes Rift guide then I strongly suggest that you pay for it, rather than trying to cheapskate the creator of the product and download it for free. You will make your money back quickly in terms of saved time and frustration, and you will enjoy playing Rift much more once you use Xerxes guide to massively improve your skills and abilities.
Watch this video below to see behind the scenes footage of Xerxes Rift Guide:

Times are tough for most of us at the moment, but it pays to remember that the creative brains behind products such as Xerxes Rift Guide deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. For less than $40 you can get your own legit copy, and you also get a money-back guarantee in case you aren't satisfied, so you have absolutely nothing to lose anyway. You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing that the team that put hundreds of hours of work into making the guide are getting a fair reward for their efforts.
In case you aren't aware of all the impressive features of the Xerxes guide, and how it stacks up with its competition (namely Rift Supremacy) please read my previous post here.

Click here to learn more about Xerxes Rift Guide and to download your own copy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rift vs WoW - Which Is More Fun?

Here is a little bit of discussion for you keen MMORPG players out there- do you prefer Rift, or the classic WoW (World of Warcraft in case you are somehow unaware of the acronym)

Rift certainly has better graphics, and somehow more unique feeling gameplay, even though it is in reality quite heavily based on WoW. Rifts and invasions add a very cool dimension to the game that make it so much fun to play, while the gorgeous visuals also add to the gaming experience.

However, WoW has a much bigger player base, much more content, and is perhaps the greatest online RPG game of all time. Of course it has started to feel a little dated in comparison with the more modern Rift, but graphics and polish do not make the game, they merely enhance it.

So what do you reckon the best of the two is? Do you prefer Rift, or would you rather play WoW? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think, I would absolutely love to hear from you and discover what my readers think about these two great games.

Monday, August 29, 2011

How To Buy Rift Subscription

Because you need to pay to play, today you are going to learn how to buy your Rift subscription. This will be a pretty brief post, as it is not exactly a difficult thing to do. However, if you are new to the concept of MMORPG games then it stands to reason that you might get a little bit confused with how to pay for your Rift subscription.

In order to pay for Rift, you have two main methods:

You can either pay by credit card through the Rift in-game system, or you can purchase pre-paid game cards to continue playing.

When it comes to paying by credit card, you can either pay per month, or sign up for an extended period of time and receive a discount off the purchase price. You pay $14.99 USD per month normally. However:

  • Sign up for 3 months and pay $12.29 a month.
  • Sign up for 6 months and pay $10.29 a month.
  • Sign up for 12 months and pay $8.99 a month.

Of course if you don't like giving out your credit card details online, or you are too young to have a credit card, then you should get a prepaid Rift game card. One of these will provide 2 months playing time, and cost you the equivalent of $23.99.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Awesome Rift Gameplay Videos

Sorry that I've been a bit slow in posting as of late. I like to try to keep to making at least one post every couple of days, but I've been distracted with a lot of other things. To get back into the swing of it, here are some awesome Rift gameplay videos that you are bound to enjoy.

If you've never seen an invasion in action before then watch the above video.

Some early Rift footage. More for nostalgia's sake than anything else. Nonetheless a neat watch, if you have 15 minutes free.

My Rift rogue assassin build guide. Some lvl 50 gameplay at the end to whet your appetite as well. Yes, being level 50 is awesome.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to the 'tgnRIFT' channel on YouTube- these guys put out the best Rift videos by far!

Leave a comment with your favorite Rift video and I'll check it out and add it to the post. Also, check out Rift Supremacy while you're at it; you could be level 50 making your own awesome gameplay videos.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Attack In Rift

In today's post we are going to look at how to attack in Rift. This might sound basic, but a lot of players are very new to online RPG games and may be confused as to how to perform this very basic task.
Basic melee and ranged attacks are performed by right clicking on an enemy with the mouse.
You can select enemies by using the left mouse button.
Using the TAB key will allow you to quickly scroll through enemies and identify the most dangerous targets.
There is a global cooldown period that occurs whenever you use a special ability/spell; this lasts for about half a second.
If you have selected certain souls, or soul combinations, then you will have access to 'pets'. These are very handy companions in combat, but they can be tricky to use. If your pet's stance is set to 'aggressive' then it will attack any enemy on sight. On 'defensive' it will only attack when you select a target to attack. 'Passive' means you have to click on the pet's attack ability, then right click on an enemy.
For an absolute beginner's guide to playing Rift check out the video below (it's free and well worth watching)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Is The Best Rift Guide?

A question I am often asked by readers is "what is the best Rift guide?" There are so many different strategy guides for this game now available, and so it can be a taxing process to sort through the inferior products to find the 'hidden gems'. Today you are going to learn what the best Rift strategy guide is, in plain and simple language. Rather than comparing all the different available guides let's dive straight in and get to the bottom of this once and for all- just what is the top Rift game guide?
Rift Supremacy is the most likely contender for best guide. It has been out for a number of months now, and has become an extremely popular guide for both beginner and more advanced players alike. Thousands of copies have already been sold, and it Rift Supremacy has also been recently updated to reflect the in-game changes for Patch 1.4.
So what makes Rift Supremacy the best Rift guide? Here is a comprehensive list of reasons why:
  • Chris Jones, the creator of the guide, knows what he is talking about. He wrote an extremely successful WoW guide, and has a proven track record for gaming knowledge.
  • Rift Supremacy employs quality video instructions to help you master quests, combat strategies, and create effective character builds.
  • The power leveling strategies and tips in Supremacy are better than in any other guide I have seen. You will hit level 50 in next to no time by following the detailed power-leveling instructions in this guide. It doesn't even matter what calling or build you use, or what style of player you are.
  • Rift Supremacy is priced very reasonably at $34.95.
  • You get instant download after payment; so no waiting around for anything to get delivered in the mail.
  • There is a 60 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied, and payment is 100% safe and secure.
  • Full build guides for all callings and souls. This makes it really easy to level up and create a powerful character build.
  • Quest, item, and skill guides; no stone is left unturned.
For the above reasons it is easy to see why Rift Supremacy is the best Rift guide out today. Very few other guides come close in terms of unique features, quality presentation, and value-for-money.
Click here to get your copy of Rift Supremacy today for a discounted price.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How To Play Rift Like A Pro

Today you are going to learn how to play Rift like a pro. This hugely popular MMORPG can be frustrating to play if you are new to the genre, but by reading the following guide you will be a top player in next to no time. These basic and intermediate tips and strategies are easy to follow, and I will be updating this post regularly with new advice and methods that will teach you how to play Rift properly.
  • Learning the mechanics of combat is one of the most important things that you can do when starting out with Rift. Basically, you can either use the left mouse button, or the TAB key, to select enemies. I recommend that you use TAB to allow yourself to quickly scroll through enemies. Use it to locate the threats closest to you so that you can respond with speed and avoid taking damage.
  • Whenever you use a skill/spell/action in combat there is a Global Cooldown period. Your abilities will grey out for a second as they recharge. In the video below you can see the Global Cooldown displayed very clearly.

  • Use the Right mouse button to attack your enemies with ranged/melee weapons or equipped spells.
  • When you are engaged in combat your health will not automatically regenerate (until the combat has finished) Mana does continue to regenerate during combat, however. If you require healing you will have to use spell/potions/healing items, or have an ally heal you.
  • Classes in Rift: Planes of Telara are generally referred to as 'callings'. There are four main callings- Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Cleric. Each calling is then broken down into a series of sub-callings, known as 'souls'. You can select up to four souls from your calling to put points into. However, by using all four souls you will "water down" your character and have a hard time creating a powerful build (unless you are 100% positive of what you are doing)
  • Completing quests is the fastest and most efficient way to gain experience points during earlier stages of the game. Don't waste your time with huge amounts of combat, or Rifts/invasions until you have hit at least level 20. Once you progress this far through the game you will have a better feel for combat and be more readily able to do both PvE and PvP combat successfully.
  • If you die you can either wait for an hour to respawn in your current location (when you respawn you get a few seconds to get to safety) or your 'spirit' can be resurrected at a nearby graveyard, and you can make your way back to your body and revive yourself. Rift is fairly kind when you die, which will happen.
  • Guardian and Defiant are the two 'factions' in the game- walk into the opposing faction's areas and you run the risk of being killed.
  • If you are unsure of what calling to select then I highly recommend that you play as a Rogue. This calling has a lot of powerful souls and effective builds available.
  • Read Rift Supremacy to learn how to play Rift like a pro- it is the best Rift strategy guide out.

More Rift Pyromancer Video Footage

One of my favorite builds in Rift is the pyromancer. Fire mages have always been a character type that I have enjoyed playing as, and the pyromancer in Rift is no exception. Check out the video below with a brief guide to creating a fire mage in Rift, as well as footage of this character build in action owning up the place.

What is your favorite character build in Rift? Perhaps you prefer something a bit more up-close and personal, like a tanking Warrior build. Please drop a comment and let me know, and I'll make a gameplay video of your favorite class/build.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Much Are Rift Prepaid Cards?

A Rift prepaid game card is an excellent alternative to setting up a credit card payment account to play the game. Buying one of these also provides a healthy discount off the regular monthly cost of playing the game. Rift normally costs $14.99 a month to play, but you can get a 2 month (60 day) prepaid card for $23.99 from Amazon. This works out at $11.99 a month, so you save a few bucks per month. Also, you don't need to risk putting your credit card details into the Rift system- deal with the world's largest online retailer instead.

One of these cards is also a great option if you want to trial the game, but are not sure whether you want to play it intensively. A single month is not long enough to get to know the nuances of the game, but two months will give you ample time!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rift: Planes of Telara leveling guide

Rift: Planes of Telara is an exciting and revolutionary multiplayer online RPG game. It operates along a similar basis to popular titles such as World of Warcraft. At the same time, Rift has some interesting features that set it apart from other games in the genre. Because of the difference in the way that Rift needs to be played, it can prove to be quite a challenging title for a lot of gamers. In this Rift: Planes of Telara leveling guide you will learn how to rapidly gain experience and levels.
Because it is the logical thing to do, allow us to start at the beginning of the game. You need to create yourself a character in order to play. There are four main callings/classes that can be selected from (Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Cleric) If you want to progress through levels quickly, and have the easiest possible gaming experience then select the Rogue calling.

There are simply so many different character builds available with the Rogue calling that are powerful and can be used for leveling quickly. Many Rift leveling guides agree on the Rogue being the best class for any player who wishes to advance quickly.
Once you have created your character you will need to work on building experience points in order to advance through the level hierarchy. This can be achieved through a variety of means. Some of the most common ways to gain experience are:
  • Completing quests.
  • Using skills (such as refining items)
  • Player-vs-Enemy (PvE) combat.
  • Player-vs-Player (PvP) combat.
  • Rifts/invasions.
A word to the wise- at the lower levels of the game you want to focus on quests and using skills to gain experience points. As you reach higher levels the amount of experience gained from questing does not keep pace with the requirements for additional experience points for leveling. Therefore, PvE combat and Rifts/invasions will become the preferred method of gaining levels quickly in the latter stages of the game. Just remember - quest early, fight later.
Following on from above, the importance of Rifts/invasions for gaining experience and enabling you to level up quickly cannot be underestimated. These are a very unique aspect of Rift: Planes of Telara (read here for an explanation of the backstory of Rifts/invasions, as well as the basic mechanics of how they play)
As far as gaining experience from these important events goes, there are a few main ways of doing so. Firstly, you will gain a little bit of experience for every enemy you kill. Secondly, you will gain large amounts of experience for every wave you complete successfully (and even more if you finish all the waves) Finally, you can also gain massive amounts of experience by assissting your allies in combat. This is especially useful if you play as the Cleric class.
Now that you know the basics of leveling-up in Rift, click the following link to get a more in-depth Rift: Planes of Telara leveling guide.

Rift Leveling Areas

If you are searching for the best Rift leveling areas then you have come to the right place. Read the following list of areas where you can level up quickly at various stages in the game.

Levels 1-35

  • Freemarch / Silverwood
  • Stonefield / Gloamwood
  • Scarlet Gorge
  • Scarwood Reach

Levels 35-40

  • Droughtlands
  • Moonshade Highlands

Levels 40-50

  • Iron Pine Peaks
  • Shimmersand
  • Stillmoor

The good thing about Rift is that major quests will usually bring you into the appropriate leveling area for your stage in the game. Therefore, as you progress through the game you naturally find your way into the right areas. The above list is more for reference in case you are slightly confused as to where you ought to be leveling up at various stages in the game.

A notable exception to this rule is between levels 35-40. Start in Droughtlands until you get to Lantern Hook. Go to Moonshade and do all the quests there. Return to Droughtlands and do all the remaining quests. This will ensure that you have adequate experience to get you through what can be quite a tricky portion of the game.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rift Rogue Leveling Guide

In this Rift rogue leveling guide you are going to discover some of the most powerful strategies and methods for quickly gaining levels when playing as a rogue. Although the rogue is probably the easiest and most flexible character type to play as, it can still be rather difficult to level up quickly. Keep reading this rogue leveling guide to learn how to power-level in Rift easily and effectively.
Certain souls are better than others when trying to level up a Rift rogue. Keep this in mind when you create your character (skip the rest of this paragraph if you have already created your character, as it wont be relevant to you) If you are not confident with creating a very complex build then stick to either Bard or Ranger; these two souls offer rapid level progression and can create very competitive characters that will be fun to play from level 1 through 50. By combining both ranger and marksman you will create a rogue that has good tanking capabilities, but can also deal huge amounts of damage. If you want to see some more possibilities for Rift rogue leveling then take a look at the following rogue build database.
Here are a few more 'basic' Rift rogue leveling tips:
  • Ranger builds should make as much use as possible of the pet that comes with this soul. However, if you are not exclusively playing as a ranger (ie you are mixing souls) then don't put too many points into ranger at a low level. Use this soul for the pet.
  • The majority of rogue builds are better at PvE than PvP combat. Use this to your advantage and focus on PvE combat to ensure that you gain experience as quickly as possible.
  • Quest hard and frequently at lower levels; this is a rapid way to gain experience that you can then put into developing your character build.
  • If you have the bard soul in your build then put all 10 points you get at level 10 into the Bard tree. You need to get Anthem of Competence, as it is an extremely useful soul to use.
  • Have an idea in your head as to how you want your Rogue build to turn out- pumping points into random souls that sound like they might be fun is not a good way to advance. Instead, it is better to have a firm idea of your preferred build before you start playing seriously. Check out this Rift rogue build guide for some excellent ideas and strategies for leveling your character.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Much Does Rift Cost Per Month?

Rift, like most online RPG games, makes you pay a monthly subscription fee to play. Here is how that subscription fee works:

  • If you pay per month it costs $14.99 USD a month.
  • Sign up for 3 months and pay $12.29 a month.
  • Sign up for 6 months and pay $10.29 a month.
  • Sign up for 12 months and pay $8.99 a month.

As you can see, signing up for a longer 'term' will save you quite a lot of money. If you want to make some savings but are not sure how long you want to play Rift for, then purchase a prepaid game card. This means you get 2 months of playing time- long enough to sample the game fully- for $23.99. This is a pretty handsome saving on the price you would normally pay for two months.

Click here to buy a Rift prepaid game card today.

Rift Supremacy Game Guide Review

Rift is an awesome game, and if you haven't bought yourself a copy I highly advise you get one now. However, due to its complex nature and some of the more unique parts of the game (such as invasions and 'souls') it can be a difficult game to master. Because of this, Rift strategy guides have become increasingly popular with both beginner players, who are looking to learn the ropes of the game. They are also popular with intermediate players wanting to learn how to hit the level cap quickly.

In this Rift Supremacy game guide review you will learn more about one of the most popular Rift strategy guides. Although it was not the original strategy guide for Rift, Supremacy has cemented its places as one of the more popular titles, and has had a large number of customers since the guide was launched about three months ago.

The best bit of Rift Supremacy is its inclusion of video strategy guides and instructions. Video is just much easier to follow, and also allows some interesting possibilities for showing some of the more difficult parts of the game, as well as the harder parts of quests. For this reason alone, Rift Supremacy gets a lot of points as a quality game guide; video guides are neither quick nor cheap to produce, so getting these included for the purchase price is a huge bonus.

However, all the glitters is not gold, and Rift Supremacy is most certainly not free of faults. Firstly, it is not the best guide out there for absolute beginner players. If you are really struggling with the basic mechanics of the game then you would be far better served to read the Xerxes Rift guide instead, which has a sizable section dedicated solely to the interests of the absolute beginner Rift player. Also, Supremacy does not have the best guide to professions and in-game skills like runecrafting, fishing, and hunting.

The character build guides in Rift Supremacy are fantastic, and will help you to create a powerful character with ease. Check out the video below for a wee taster of a powerful character made with Rift Supremacy:

Instead, where Rift Supremacy truly shines is with its power leveling guide. If you are interested in hitting the level cap as quickly as possible, and want to become a top ranked player with ease then Supremacy does offer some pretty amazing strategies and tips that are unrivaled by any other major strategy guide. Power leveling basically involves gaining levels as quickly as possible, but with as little time input as possible. It can be quite a 'grinding' process, but is also a lot of fun once you get it out of the way and have a massively powerful character build in a very short space of time. By using the Rift Supremacy power leveling guide you will be hitting the level cap in a very short period of time.

Rift Supremacy is certainly an excellent guide. If you are a total 'noob' then there are better choices out there. However, if you are a quick learner and want to hit the level cap quickly then get Rift Supremacy today.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buy Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide

If you want to buy Xerxes Rift mastery guide then you have come to the right website. With a strong focus on beginner gameplay and game mechanics, as well as creating solid and powerful character builds, the Xerxes Rift guide has quickly become the fastest selling Rift guide out there on the market today.

However, there are a lot of impostors, and there are also a lot of unsafe websites out there that will try to sell you a copy of the Xerxes Guide. Therefore, for your peace of mind, purchase through the following link to ensure that you are getting the one and only Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide.

Also, if you have not already read my comparison between the Xerxes Guide and Rift Supremacy, please click here to do so first!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rift Levelling Guide - How To Level Up Quickly In Rift

In this Rift levelling guide you are going to learn how level up quickly in Rift. Although leveling is a pretty natural process- ie the more you play the game the more you will level up- it can still be very frustrating to grind through the levels at a slow pace. By following this Rift leveling guide you will instead learn some of the best secrets and strategies out there to help you smash through the level barrier with ease.

  • Focusing on Rifts/invasions is one of the best ways to gain experience (and therefore levels) extremely quickly. You will earn a small amount of experience for every enemy you kill during an invasion, but when a wave is successfully completed you earn a lot of experience.
  • If you can complete a lot of rifts and invasions successfully then you basically have unlimited access to experience points.
  • If you play as a cleric character then heal your allies locked in battle during rifts/invasions. Why? Because you will gain massive experience doing so. This Rift levelling guide is based around getting easy experience points, so make the best use of your character build's special abilities that can help you boost your XP.
  • At early levels (under level 20) your primary source of experience points and easy levels is going to be achieved through questing. I cannot overemphasize the importance of questing when you are at a low level- just keep on doing quests until you see the experience point yield start to drop at higher levels.
  • Continuously doing dungeons at higher levels is a great way to get experience and hit the level 50 cap rapidly. Form a tight party that works well with one another, then just clear a dungeon and repeat. Tedious work, but an excellent way to level up quickly in Rift.
  • At higher levels you can get more experience from killing monsters than performing quests; this is because quest experience does not 'scale' as effectively as experience points gained from killing monsters.
  • Quests can be a bit thin between level 30-40; be prepared to settle in for the long haul, and to run certain quests and events over and over again to get experience.

I will be adding to this Rift levelling guide further in the next few days. In the meantime check out the Rift supremacy guide to help you hit level 50 quickly.

Rift Combat Guide - Basics + More

In this Rift combat guide we are going to look at the basics of combat in this game, as well as some of the more advanced strategies and tactics you can use to vanquish your foes with ease. If you are new to the game, or are still a bit confused by how to succeed in combat then pay attention to this Rift combat walkthrough.

The most basic thing you will need to learn with combat in Rift is how to attack. The way you attack is by right clicking on an enemy; this will engage them with either a melee or ranged attack.

You can select enemies or targets by using the left mouse button, or by pressing TAB. Using this button will scroll through enemies, and focus on the closest/most dangerous ones.

Pets have 3 stances - if set to "aggressive" it will attack any enemy in range. If set to "passive" you need to manually order the pet to attack by selecting the attack button on the pet's action bar. However, if set to "defensive" then the pet will attack when you select an enemy to attack with your character. I would advise you avoid setting your pet to aggressive, as you will have no control over it basically.

The "Global Cooldown" is a period of a few seconds wherein you cannot use any ability after having already used another one.

Taking a hit or engaging in combat will stop your health from regenerating. However, mana/energy will continue to regenerate as normal.

I'll be adding further Rift combat guides in the near future, further expanding on the basics and exploring some of the more exciting possibilities of combat in this game. In the meantime, you should check out Rift Supremacy to learn how to master combat quickly.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rift Prepaid Game Card

If you are worried about the potential security risks of setting up a monthly account to play Rift, or if you are just interested in trialling the game for a short period, then a Rift prepaid game card may be the answer you are looking for. Also, if you do not have your own credit card, but are able to buy things off Amazon (for example you may be too young to have your own credit card, but your parents let you buy off reputable sites like Amazon using their card) then you can use a Rift prepaid card to allow you to keep playing.

Usually a Rift subscription is $14.99 a month, if you pay for each month one at a time- you do get quite a sizable discount by signing up for a longer term. However, you can still get quite a good discount if you purchase a Rift prepaid game card from Amazon; you can get 2 months play time from $23.99, which works out at $12 a month. Hardly an expensive hobby at that price!

So if you just want to trial Rift, or want a 'safe' way to play get yourself a Rift prepaid game card from Amazon today, and get a handsome discount off the normal price of a monthly subscription.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Much Is Rift Monthly?

As you will no doubt be aware, Rift is a pay-per-month video game. This means that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to be able to play, which is pretty normal for online RPG games.

How much is Rift monthly?

Rift costs $14.99 monthly if you pay the subscription fee month by month. However, if you sign up to a longer term 'contract' (3, 6 or 12 months) then you can get a pretty hefty discount that increases with the length of the term.

Confused? Here is how it works out:

Sign up for 3 months and pay $36.87 = $12.29 a month

Sign up for 6 months and pay $61.74 = $10.29 a month

Sign up for 12 months and pay $107.88 = $8.99 a month

As you can see, signing up for a longer term will save you a lot of money. However, if you are not sure whether Rift is the right game for you, or whether it is worth the investment, then you should consider purchasing a prepaid subscription card.

One of these prepaid cards will give you 2 months playing time (1 month is not enough time to get into an online RPG) After this expires you can either sign up to a longer term, or just do nothing and your subscription will be canceled. Using one of these cards is also a great idea if you are uncomfortable with the idea of giving your credit card details to the game publisher, Trion.

You can get a 60 day Rift trial card from $23.99 on Amazon, which means you also get quite a good discount off the monthly subscription rate. Pick one up today, and then get a copy of Rift
; you won't regret it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rift Supremacy Guide Review

Rift Supremacy is one of the most popular professional game guides for Rift: Planes of Telara. This online RPG is rapidly increasing in player base, and has won critical acclaim from a number of sources. However, due it its unique calling/soul system, as well as the inclusion of the Guardian and Defiant struggle, and rifts/invasions, Rift can be a difficult game to master, let alone learn the basics of.
For this reason many gamers have turned to using Rift strategy guides. In this Rift Supremacy guide review you are going to learn whether it is an effective and worthy strategy guide, or if this product is all hype and no substance. In this open review of Rift Supremacy you will learn what you need to know to make an informed purchasing decision about this popular strategy guide.
The first thing you need to be aware of is what exactly Rift Supremacy teaches. It is important to realize that this guide is primarily focused with power leveling- that means it is focused around teaching you how to level your character up as quickly as possible, with as little playing time as necessary. Power leveling is a useful skill to learn as you can bypass the monotonous task of putting huge amounts of time into leveling, and you can instead hit the level cap quickly so you can then enjoy other aspects of the game such as combat.
Rift Supremacy's power leveling instructions are by far the best in the business. Although other guides (such as the Xerxes Guide) may have superior strategies for combat and questing, nothing beats Rift Supremacy's simple steps for power leveling success. Therefore, if you are interested in leveling up as quickly as possible, you really do need a copy of Supremacy.
As mentioned above, one of the failings of Rift Supremacy is that it does not offer the best instructions with regards to important game mechanics such as combat. Instead, it assumes you have a basic knowledge of combat and gameplay strategies, and builds on these. Therefore, Rift Supremacy is aimed at intermediate and advanced players who want to level up and dominate the game quickly, rather than absolute beginners who are really struggling to learn the ropes.
One thing that you cannot knock about Rift Supremacy are the excellent video guides which accompany the main ebook portion of the guide. By using videos to show quest strategies, character builds, and power leveling techniques you will find the game much easier to master. Few other Rift strategy guides offer such comprehensive video guides, which makes Rift Supremacy a highly tempting prospect.

Another excellent part of the Rift Supremacy guide is its character build section. One of the most confusing and difficult things to do in any online RPG game is building a strong and functional character build. However, Rift Supremacy really does make this easy by clearly and concisely laying out possible calling/soul combinations that will suit all styles of play. These are easy to follow and all of the provided character builds are enjoyable and practical to play as. There are also comprehensive instructions and tips for all professions and skills in Rift, although personally I think the Xerxes Guide does a better job at these.
As far as pricing goes, you can get your copy of Rift Supremacy today for $34.95 USD. In my opinion this is a very reasonable price, as you get a quality game guide with accompanying videos, a 60 day money-back guarantee, and instant digital download. Because Rift is a paid subscription game, it really does pay to know how to play the game properly- you want to get your money's worth.
For this reason, I highly recommend you purchase Rift Supremacy today. I hope you have found this Rift Supremacy guide review informative- if you have any questions, queries, or comments don't hesitate to drop a comment.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Is The Best Rift Strategy Guide Book?

So you have been getting into playing Rift but have discovered that you need a strategy guide to make your gaming life a bit easier? No problem, there are many different Rift guides out there for sale and for download. If you are looking for a Rift strategy guide book then this is the right website for you; today you are going to find out what the absolute best Rift strategy manual is.

Rift is a well designed and straightforward game, but due to the nature of its Guardian/Defiant system, as well as the complexity of the various souls and callings, the game can be difficult to play. Combine this with rifts and invasions, which are a very unique feature to this game, and there is little wonder why many gamers struggle to play Rift properly.

Using a proper Rift strategy guide book such as Rift Supremacy will enable you to get the most enjoyment and satisfaction possible out of your game and character. There are simply so many secrets, strategies, and gameplay methods that you will probably never discover without using a proper guide to Rift, so getting a game guide is a very small investment for a large return to your gaming enjoyment.

Rift Supremacy is by far the best guide to Rift; it encompasses excellent strategies and tips that are useful for both beginner and advanced players alike. Whether you are struggling to pick a calling and soul, or you are wondering how to get the most loot possible from high level dungeon clearances, Rift Supremacy will become your new best friend.

For less than $40 ($34.95 to be precise) you can have free and unlimited access to the high quality instructions, walk-throughs, guides, and strategy manuals that Rift Supremacy offers. It is by far and away the most comprehensive guide book to this deep and complex RPG game. For your money you also get free updates (these usually coincide with the release of game patches or updates) You also get a money back guarantee and free personal email support if you have any questions or difficulties.

Finally, Rift Supremacy uses video in conjunction with the main guide to teach you the ins and outs of Rift. Very few other strategy guides offer such a comprehensive approach to power leveling, character building, combat, questing and loot finding.

For all these reasons Rift Supremacy is the best strategy guide book out there. What's even better is that you can instantly download Supremacy as soon as you make payment; there is no agonizing wait time.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Is The Best Rift Calling?

There are four main archetypes/ 'callings' in Rift that you can pick from when creating your character. Which Rift calling is the best? Today you are going to learn the ins and outs of all four Rift callings, as well as which ones are the best.

Here is a brief overview of the four callings:

  • Warrior - best choice for 'tanks' or straight up brawlers/melee fighters.
  • Rogue - combines stealth and combat ability
  • Cleric - good at healing and casting defensive spells
  • Mage - good at casting offensive/attack magic.

Each of the callings can then be developed into various 'souls' - these are like sub-categories within a particular class.

Here are some examples of popular souls for the 4 callings:

  • Warrior - Paladin, Champion, Reaver, Warlord, Void Knight
  • Rogue - Assassin, Ranger, Riftstalker, Nightblade
  • Cleric - Inquisitor, Purifier, Shaman, Warden
  • Mage - Pyromancer, Necromancer, Elementalist, Warlock

For a full listing of possible souls please click here

So which Rift calling is the best?

Really this depends almost entirely on what type of gamer you are, and how you like to play your games. If you are the sort of player who likes to wade into battle and dish out the damage then choose the Warrior calling. On the other hand, if you want to sit back and assist other players then choose cleric.

My personal recommendation if you absolutely cannot decide what calling you want is to play as a Rogue. All Rogue souls are flexible, and you will have a lot of fun playing as one of these characters. This calling offers a good middle ground, and a wide variety of playing possibilities. Therefore, Rogue is the best rift calling.

Buy Rift Power Leveling

What should you do if you want to buy Rift power leveling? Keep reading to find out more today.

Power leveling is the art of gaining as many levels as possible in as little playing time as possible. Basically it is delayed gratification in the form of gaming- power leveling is a chore, but once this chore is complete you will enjoy the game a lot more.

You can find services online that offer to power level your Rift characters for you, but these should be avoided at all costs. Why? Because giving a 3rd party access to your account is not only dangerous, but could also result in the suspension of your Rift account.

Instead, if you want to power level in Rift you should get a proper power leveling guide. This will show you how to maximize your level progress efficiency when playing yourself. Whether you are new to online RPG games, or you are a seasoned pro, you need to buy a Rift power leveling guide to get the most out of your gaming.

Rift Supremacy is the best Rift leveling guide, and has helped hundreds of players churn through the monotonous process of leveling with ease. By following the revolutionary strategies in Rift Supremacy you can hit the level cap in next to no time, and you will be playing like a pro. For under $40 you can have access to Rift Supremacy, and you will be well on your way to becoming a top Rift player.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Rift Leveling Guide

Today you are going to learn what the best Rift leveling guide is. There are two main competitors for the title of best Rift guide: Rift Supremacy, and Xerxes Guide. Both of these have had thousands of purchasers each, and are big names in the world of Rift strategy guides. In this head-to-head battle we will determine which one of these popular game guides is the best, and why.

Rift Supremacy has not been around for as long as Xerxes guide, but has managed to build up a loyal following for a number of key reasons:

  • It uses video instructions for both Guardian and Defiant quests.
  • It uses video guides for builds, souls, and callings.
  • Full and detailed maps of game locations.
  • Frequent updates every time Rift releases a new patch.
  • Combat (PvP and PvE) Rift and Invasion guides.
  • Power leveling (level 50) guides.
  • Excellent price of $34.95 USD

Xerxes Guide has sold more copies and has been around for longer, and offers the following key features:

  • Full guides for all Guardian and Defiant quests.
  • Highly detailed guides for builds, souls and callings (you just look up your race, calling, and then a list of potential builds is presented to you)
  • Quality maps.
  • Game mechanics guide - this is hugely useful for beginner and intermediate gamers.
  • Best combat guide out there.
  • Strategies for gaining experience and loot extremely quickly.
  • Priced at $37 USD.

So what is the best Rift leveling guide out of the two above?

Rift Supremacy is, for all intents and purposes, the better of the two. It offers a lower price, has video guides, is updated more frequently, and has superior instructions for power leveling. Therefore I would recommend Rift Supremacy as the best Rift guide for most players. Get your copy of Rift Supremacy for a special price here. It comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Xerxes Guide is a quality product, but it is much better for the beginner due to its focus on game mechanics and callings/souls (understanding this is the key to Rift) If you are struggling with how the game works then you need Xerxes Guide instead of Rift Supremacy. Click here to learn more about Xerxes Guide.

Both of these Rift leveling guides are excellent in their own right and offer pros and cons. It is important to pick the right one for your needs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rift Patch 1.3 Guide

Rift patch 1.3 is coming out in the next couple of days (hopefully Wednesday June 22nd) This promises to be a very exciting and polished patch that is not just going to fix bugs and imbalances in the game, but also provide a brand new 'end game' content pack. Here is a brief Rift patch 1.3 guide.

(SPOILER WARNING) The end of game content will involve a 20 man Hammerknell raid, in which you fight the risen minions of Regulos, as well as high level boss characters. Importantly, it will provide the opportunity for a lot of loot as well.

To coincide with the release of Rift patch 1.3 there is going to be a massive in-game event, which will involve a huge raid on Moonshade Highlands. According to the developers this is supposed to be one of the largest raids yet in Rift, so make sure you get over there and take part for huge experience and loot, as well as the chance to participate in a pretty special event.

"Players can reap substantial rewards by opposing Regulos and stopping his invading forces during the opening event."

From - http://www.inquisitr.com/115993/rift-patch-1-3-waves-of-madness/

This is all very cool, and hopefully Rift patch 1.3 is going to open up even more possibilities to the Rift playing community.

In related news, Rift Supremacy creator 'CJ' has informed me that Rift Supremacy is being updated as we speak in anticipation of Patch 1.3, so within a few hours of the patch release there should be a detailed guide to the new content. Bear in mind that most of the Hammerknell content is going to be for high level players only, but there are also Rift and invasion opportunities for lower level players too. It is highly recommended that you check Rift Supremacy out and learn how to prepare for patch 1.3 (you get free updates every time a new version of Supremacy is released anyway)

Rift Rogue Assassin Build - Great For Both PvE and PvP

Here is a video outlining a powerful and usable Rift rogue assassin build. You can play this character build regardless of whether you are Guardian or Defiant. If you are a low level rogue and have not yet picked a specialization path or build then I would highly recommend that you try the assassin. It is a great fun build to play as, and I am sure you will enjoy it. The video also has some level 50 gameplay footage of various characters, just to give you a goal to work towards.
If you want to hit level 50 quickly, or you want to learn more about how to build a strong Rogue/assassin, check out this Rift build and leveling guide.

If you are serious about Rift then click here for an in-depth Rift classes, builds, and quests guide.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Xerxes Rift Leveling Guide Download

Although I prefer Rift Supremacy, Xerxes Rift guide is nonetheless a very popular and accomplished Rift guide. Where can you get a Xerxes Rift leveling guide download? Today you are going to learn more about how to get your very own copy of this quality strategy guide.

If you are hoping to find a free or torrented download on this then you will be sorely disappointed. Remember that the creators of Xerxes Guide put large amounts of time and effort into their strategies and guides, and therefore they deserve to be paid for their work. Instead, you can get a copy of Xerxes Rift Leveling Guide downloaded straight to your computer for the very special price of $37 USD.

This is a lot of value for the money, considering that you get a full guide to the following:

  • Basic and advanced mechanics of Rift.
  • Guardian and Defiant quests are fully explained, as well as all races.
  • Leveling guides/builds for all callings and soul types.
  • Runecrafting and other skill guides.
  • PvP, PvE, Rift and Invasion combat strategies.
  • Free updates.
  • Comprehensive game maps.
  • More.

Because Rift is a subscription game, where you have to pay to play, it is worth getting the most out of your game. In order to do this you really need a game strategy guide, such as Xerxes Guide. A little investment now will yield much greater enjoyment, and you will find yourself far more inclined to play Rift when you are actually progressing rapidly through the levels and quests.

Your very own Xerxes Guide download for $37 USD is well worth it. You also get a 60 day money-back guarantee, so if you're not happy you can get your money back. You literally have nothing to lose.

Hundreds of Rift players have already used the advice and strategies in the Xerxes Guide to boost their levels, earn easy experience, dominate in combat, and find unique and valuable loot. If you jump on the bandwagon now then you are going to have more success, as the techniques and strategies used will not be so heavily saturated. This happened with World of Warcraft guides, where everybody started using the same strategies and their effectiveness diminished; only those who were swift on the uptake profited to the greatest extent.

Remember that by torrenting this guide you are denying the creator any reward for their work. Imagine if you went to work, but didn't get paid. Now you can see why such a small price is worth paying.

Click here for a discounted Xerxes Rift Guide Download.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

How To Play Rift

Today you are going to learn how to play Rift. This new and exciting online RPG is taking the world by storm, and it has received rave reviews from a number of critics. If you are new to the world of MMORPGs, or are just a bit confused by Rift: Planes of Telara (the full name of Rift) then you need to read this guide to playing. By discovering how to properly play the game you will massively improve how much you enjoy playing it.

The first thing you need to do when you want to play Rift (excluding installing the game, setting up your account, and selecting a server) is to set up your character. In Rift there are two 'factions' - Guardian and Defiant. Without going deep into the backstory of the game, it will suffice to say that the biggest impact this selection will have is on what races you can choose to make your character. Once you have picked Guardian or Defiant you can pick your race, and then select a calling (for more about Rift callings and which one to pick read this)

Basic gameplay for Rift is introduced through the opening hours of the game. As long as you pay attention to the action onscreen you should not have much difficulty picking up the basic mechanics of the game.

However, learning how to play Rift can get more confusing as you progress through the game (what a paradox!) here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your gaming:

  • If you are a Guardian and walk into a Defiant area (or vice versa) you run the risk of being attacked and potentially killed.
  • If you do die and cannot be revived by a nearby ally then you have two main options- you can either wait an hour and then come back to life exactly where you were before, BUT with a few seconds leeway in which to get to safety. Or, your spirit can respawn instantly and you have to find your way to your character to revive them.
  • Quest often and quest hard- this is the best way to get experience and gain levels quickly.
  • Dungeons cannot be accessed until level 17, so don't waste time with them until then.
  • Rifts are an integral part of Rift. This is basically where large amounts of enemies converge on a location, and there are usually 3-5 waves that must be defeated. Sometimes there will be a time limit in which to defeat the wave. You earn experience based on how much damage you did, or how much healing you performed, relative to the rest of the group taking part in the Rift with you.
  • Remember that you have a once-daily quest to complete. The experience and loot from these can quickly add up.
  • You should consider a proper strategy guide if you want to learn how to play Rift like a pro. With the right tips, tricks, and advice it becomes a much more exciting and enjoyable game. Check out Rift Supremacy, which is the best Rift game guide.

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