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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Guide Website Now Launched

I've always been a big fan of MMORPG games, and I'm getting very excited about the new Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) game.

In fact, I'm so excited that I've decided to replicate the success of Rift Supremacy Guide with a brand new blog all about the Elder Scrolls Online.

You can check out my new blog here ... it's gonna be an exciting one with lots of awesome content in the pipeline.

Here's what I will be covering in the coming weeks and months:

You don't wan't to miss my awesome new blog!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Video Review

In case you missed my last post, I've been doing a whole heap with Diablo 3 recently (you can check out my Diablo 3 Hero Guide website here)

If you're playing Diablo 3 and are interested in making the largest amount of gold possible, then check out my Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review.

This is a FULL review of the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets guide, where I show you the members' area, exclusive weekly updates, the full strategy guide and more. You will get the complete picture here!

Check out my Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review today.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Check out my Battlefield 3 blog

I've mentioned this before, but you should definitely check out my Battlefield 3 multiplayer guide blog (if you haven't done so already)

I've been winding down the amount of Rift that I've been playing and spending a lot more time on BF3 as of late, and I'll probably get into Star Wars, The Old Republic soon.

I'll still update this blog from time to time though :)

Also, have a look at my Tweakboy Ultimate Overclocking Guide review.

Friday, November 4, 2011

What Are The Best Rift Classes?

If you require to know what the best Rift classes are, look no further. Read this post to discover the best Rift classes for each of the roles within the game! Unlike other games, in Rift there are only 4 total classes (referred to as callings) available to pick within the game. When you pick your calling, you've the choice of selecting as much as 3 (of 8+) "souls" to make use of together with your calling. Since you are able to pick any combination of souls, every player can then produce their very own Rift class.

Trying to figure out the proper combination for yourself can require lots of time and challenging work. Blade Dancers can inflict much damage in a short period of time. These off-souls are important simply because the Assassin lets you poison your enemies, whilst Blade Dancer increases your chance of dodge. So how do you learn which combination is the proper to make use of in various situations? Learn how to create the perfect build for any scenario with Rift Supremacy. Then select the Bard and Ranger as the combinations. By utilizing the Bard and Ranger souls, you'll also have the capability to continually cast healing spells and summon a pet to fight with you.

With that said, a Pyromancer and Elementalist hybrid (Mage) is completely up there for dealing damage. This combination is able to deal extremely high harm whilst healing the entire group. By far, the proper healer within the game is the Cleric calling. Best PvP Class. Out of the ranged classes, the Marksman (Rogue) has a some of the best damage stats in the game.

Now here are some bonus Rift leveling tips that work for all classes, and both Guardian and Defiant:

Sometimes when you're standing around the world, the skies will darken and large numbers of enemies will invade the area. One of the fastest methods to level up in game is to participate in Rift events and invasions. As a result, you are able to earn thousands of experience points when you're in a large group battling against the invasions. While you will find numerous methods to earn experience points to level up, a couple of methods are much faster than others. A large number of enemies will manifest themselves in a small space. As a result, you are able to earn thousands of XP when you're in a large group battling against the invasions.  During invasion events make sure you get within the public group and find a 20 person raid so you are able to earn numerous experience points.

The quests are extremely simple to follow and you will find lots of them, so if you've no desire to battle against Rift enemies or other players, you are still able to easily quest to the max level of 50. With that said, there is extremely a typical quest method that may take you to the Rift level cap. If you are able to pick up a couple of every day PvP quests (found in Sanctum or Meridian) and win your match, you are able to earn the same amount of experience as numerous real-world quests in half the time!

Additionally, battling other players in PvP does offer a couple of experience pointa (as does winning a Warfront match), so when you combine that with dailies, getting your daily win is important to quick leveling. Furthermore, the PvP dailies offer numerous experience points (much much more than typical quests).

Click here to learn about Rift Supremacy, the best guide to Rift classes, leveling, and combat.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 Dominator Review

Okay, so it's not really got anything at all to do with Rift (apart from being a video game) but Battlefield 3 is seriously sweet. If you haven't already got a copy I highly advise you do so now- you won't regret it. Ive been playing this game pretty solidly now for a few days, and the other night my buddy CJ (who is the author of Rift Supremacy believe it or not) sent me an email about his new guide for Battlefield 3, called 'Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide'. Now here's the thing, CJ really knows his stuff, and he has made a lot of popular guides for games in the past including WoW, Rift, and now Battlefield 3. I got myself a copy of the guide, so today you are going to read my Battlefield 3 Dominator review

BF3 Dominator is the first to use video guides to show you exactly how to play Battlefield 3 like a pro. CJ is very good at making easy-to-follow videos, as anybody who has watched his Rift Supremacy videos will be able to attest to. Although other BF3 multiplayer game guides came out earlier, none of them offer the same degree of teaching in terms of video-based instructions that Battlefield 3 Dominator does. This is the huge advantage of the product- rather than reading boring written instructions and wondering 'how the heck do I put this into practice?' you can instead see a neat little video and understand immediately exactly what you need to do. It comes as a digital download as well, so there is no waiting around for anything to get delivered.

From my experiences of it, Battlefield 3 Dominator will show you how to:

  • Become an effective team player, which is key for a game like this.
  • Master all weapons and classes.
  • Learn choke points and 'killing zones' on all the maps in the game. If you want to know how to play Battlefield 3 multiplayer well then this is essential.
  • How to create custom weapons that own the competition.
  • How to master all the game modes.
BF3 Dominator guide combines videos, written instructions, and pictures (mainly for the detailed map guides) to provide a pretty awesome strategy guide for the game. Although it is quite expensive at $34.99, you do get a money back guarantee in case you aren't satisfied with the final product. Because of how comprehensive it is, and because of the great deal of quality content in the guide, my review of Battlefield 3 Dominator is very positive- if you can afford the purchase price then buy your copy of BF3 Dominator today.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Check Out My New Battlefield 3 Blog

As you are probably well aware I am a pretty keen gamer (hence I post on my Rift blog here) With the release of Battlefield 3 I have let the MMORPG goodness go for a while and decided to get up to some good old blowing stuff up. Today I started a new blog called 'BF3 Multiplayer Guide', where I aim to share some of my gaming knowledge and blog about general interest issues for Battlefield 3 gamers. My inaugural post, entitled 'Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide Review' is up - in this I am looking at one of the new BF3 strategy guides that has been released in the past 48 hours. It's a pretty detailed review, so if you are interested in BF3 check it out.

Rift Supremacy Level 50 Footage

Hey guys, can't remember if I have posted this video before, but here is some footage of Level 50 gameplay with Rift Supremacy. If you haven't got your own copy of this guide yet then I highly recommend you read my Rift Supremacy guide review.

Here's the video anyway: