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Friday, October 28, 2011

Check Out My New Battlefield 3 Blog

As you are probably well aware I am a pretty keen gamer (hence I post on my Rift blog here) With the release of Battlefield 3 I have let the MMORPG goodness go for a while and decided to get up to some good old blowing stuff up. Today I started a new blog called 'BF3 Multiplayer Guide', where I aim to share some of my gaming knowledge and blog about general interest issues for Battlefield 3 gamers. My inaugural post, entitled 'Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide Review' is up - in this I am looking at one of the new BF3 strategy guides that has been released in the past 48 hours. It's a pretty detailed review, so if you are interested in BF3 check it out.

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