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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Buy Rift Strategy Guide

If you are struggling to advance your character in Rift, or you just want to get a boost above the competition then you should buy a Rift strategy guide. Today you are going to learn about one of the most popular game guides for Rift, that hundreds of gamers have used to improve their skills and abilities at one of the most enjoyable MMORPG games around. By using a strategy guide you will find that you get a much higher level of enjoyment from your gaming.

Rift Supremacy is by far the best Rift strategy guide. It has been around for a couple of months now (which is quite a good track record considering that Rift itself is a very recent game) The team behind Rift Supremacy have written a number of gaming related guides in the past, including successful titles for World of Warcraft. It is an excellent, and well-researched guide to playing Rift to the best of your abilities, and will help you get the most possible from an already great game.

Here is why you should purchase the Rift Supremacy strategy guide:

  • Power-leveling guides to level 50 for all callings.
  • Questing guides.
  • PvP tips and guides to help you get the edge over other players.
  • You will learn how to get valuable treasure and items as easily as possible.
  • Maximize your enjoyment and fun when playing Rift.
  • Excellent price of only $34.95 USD.
  • Free updates and support.
  • 60 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied- and you can pay safely and securely via Paypal or credit card.
  • Instant digital download after payment.
  • You will become a much better Rift player.

Buy your own copy of Rift Supremacy strategy guide here, and learn how to power-level and become a better player in next to no time. You have nothing to lose, and a whole lot of fun and excitement to gain.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rift Supremacy Review

So you've been playing Rift for a while and want to get better. Maybe a bit of power-leveling would help advance your gameplay to the next level? One of the fastest ways to improve when playing an MMORPG game such as Rift is to use a professional game guide, which will teach you exactly what you need to do in order to advance through the game levels quickly. Probably the most popular Rift guide is 'Rift Supremacy'. Today you are going to read an in-depth Rift Supremacy review. Is this guide really worth your money? Keep reading to find out.

About Rift Supremacy
Rift Supremacy was one of the first guides for Rift to come out online. Considering that the game itself has only been out in final release for a few months, it is rather remarkable that a complete leveling and game guide was released in such a short period of time. Basically, Rift Supremacy claims to be able to show you exactly how to level up as quickly as possible, how to play as each different calling, how to win PvP and other battles easily, and how to find the best treasure and quests. This type of game guide was extremely popular for World of Warcraft for a long time, and now it is the turn of Rift to get its own guide.
Does Rift Supremacy work? Is it good?

From my experience Rift Supremacy is a pretty reliable guide. The power-leveling strategies were the best feature of the guide, alongside the walkthroughs for specific callings/classes (this is extremely useful if you want to play as a different class to what you normally use in roleplaying games) The treasure and questing parts of Rift Supremacy aren't quite as good, but still usable. Personally I prefer hunting for treasure etc myself without the help of guides, it is just leveling that can often be frustrating or difficult. The PvP combat information is also extremely useful and usable, and is well worth reading.

Overall I would review the content of Rift Supremacy as an A grade. Things could be improved on, but there is a lot of useful information and advice that will greatly enhance your playing experience.
How Much Does The Guide Cost?

At present you can get your copy of Rift Supremacy for $34.95 USD. Although nobody likes spending money unnecessarily, it is rather good value for money. Why? Because you will learn how to level up quickly, which will save HOURS of wasted time and effort (and time is money after all) For your money you also get free customer support and a 60 day money-back guarantee. You can buy using all major credit cards or PayPal, and payment and instant download is 100% safe and secure.

So What's The Conclusion?

All things being considered, Rift Supremacy is a well-written and very informative game guide. If you can afford the purchase price, or are serious about leveling up and becoming the best player you possibly can then I would highly recommend you purchase a copy. Get in now before the popularity of the game really takes off, and you could easily be one of the top players around.

You could spend hour upon hour trawling message boards etc to get the same information, but that will just ruin your experience of the game. The beauty of Rift Supremacy is that it greatly enhances the level of enjoyment you will get out of the game. That is why I review Rift Supremacy so highly, because it makes an already fantastic game even better.
Click here to learn more about Rift Supremacy and how you can purchase your own copy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Play Rift?

There are hundreds of MMORPG games out there, some far better than others. You will have heard of famous titles such as EverQuest, Runescape, or World of Warcraft. But why should you play Rift? After all, there are free titles out there which you could play, and it is not the most popular online RPG game in the world. However, there are a number of good reasons why you should play Rift today-

  • It has a unique spin on the normal 'class' system - there are only 4 main classes/callings (callings is the name used in game) The fun then starts when each of these classes branches down into a further 9 'souls'- these are like sub callings. This means the level of character customization is huge, especially compared with traditional MMORPG games.
  • Visuals and audio in Rift are superb - most online RPG games generally have pretty poor visuals, especially the free games. However, compared to most other titles in its class, Rift has fantastically good graphics and audio. This really enhances the gaming experience and makes it a lot more enjoyable.
  • There are over 12,000 weapons to pick from - weapons are one of the most exciting aspects of any role-playing game. With over 12,000 to pick from you will never get bored of upgrading and trying new weapons out.
  • The Rift community is expanding at a rapid rate - Compared to games such as WoW, the number of new players for Rift is quite staggering, and it is increasing at a rapid rate. Get in now and get leveling up so you have an advantage over new players entering the game.
  • Rift is the best-reviewed MMORPG in years - Averaging scores of 8/10+, critics have praised the presentation and unique gameplay/environment of Rift. If you are bored of traditional online RPG games then start playing Rift today.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rift Guide For Leveling Quickly

Here is a basic Rift guide for leveling up nice and quickly and without all the hassle that can come with playing a MMORPG:
  • Play in regular, shorter bursts. This means you will enjoy the game more and be less inclined to 'burn out' and not feel like playing. It is highly recommended that you do this.
  • Ask on players forums for tips about getting the most out of the game. Some posters will be hardened online RPG gamers, and therefore will know what they are talking about.
  • Perform as many quests as you can.
  • Only go PvP once you get up to higher levels- don't risk your valuable character early on.
  • Pick a character build you know you want to stick with. Nothing is worse than picking a build you have no interest in then giving up.
  • Purchase a Rift leveling guide and learn how to power level. The small investment will more than pay itself back once you discover yourself gaining levels, experience, and loot extremely quickly. I highly recommend Rift Supremacy, it is by far the best Rift guide for leveling quickly.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do You Need A Rift Game Guide?

Rift Supremacy is rapidly becoming a more and more popular online multiplayer roleplaying game. While it may not be as big as famous titles such as World of Warcraft, Rift is nonetheless and exciting and unique game that is well worth playing. However, do you need a Rift game guide to be able to play this game to its fullest?
To cut a long story short you don't need a guide to playing Rift. After all, it is a video game- you improve your skills over time, your character will level up, and you will get better at playing the game. Video gaming is just like any other skill, you learn and improve over time.
However, you should use a guide for Rift Supremacy for the following important reasons-
  1. You will save a lot of time, energy, and hassle that is normally associated with 'learning the ropes' of an MMORPG. Have you ever seen the classic episode of South Park, where the boys try to become the best World of Warcraft players? They spend literally months leveling up their characters performing boring and repetitive tasks, and in doing so lose all drive to play the game. Using a Rift guide will enable you to avoid this fate by showing you shortcuts around the most boring bits of the game, so you can instead focus on having fun.
  2. You will get the edge over other players. PvP is one of the most exciting things about online gaming, but it can also be very difficult if you don't know what you are doing. Using a guide will show you how to build the best possible character, and then use that character to dominate the competition.
  3. You will learn to play in new and unique ways. A big part of Rift is the 'callings' system, which is pretty similar to classes found in other games. We all have a favorite calling/class, and usually you will stick to your favorite class when playing even different games. However, by using a Rift calling guide you will learn how to play different and unique classes, thus extending your enjoyment of the game much further.
  4. You will get the most out of your playing time. Power leveling is a big aspect of successful MMORPG game playing. Cut the time you waste leveling so you can get more questing, raiding, fighting and fun out of your precious day.
  5. You will become a better player. Full stop.
As you can see these are just some of the reasons you ought to use a Rift game guide. Whether you are a casual player, or a seasoned gamer, you can get the most possible out of your gaming time.
I would highly recommend you get yourself a copy of Rift Supremacy, which is one of the leading Rift guides. The author is a hardcore gamer, so he knows his stuff. Many gamers have used this guide to rapidly increase their character level, and improve their skills without boredom or frustration.
What sets Rift Supremacy aside is its extensive use of video instructions- most other guides just use text and pictures, but videos make all the difference as you can actually see what you need to do in order to get ahead ASAP.
A copy of Rift Supremacy will cost you just under $35 USD, and will save you hours of frustration and difficulty (which is inevitable with MMORPG games) This is a small investment to make for the sake of massively boosting your gaming enjoyment.
Click here to learn more about Rift Supremacy and to get your own copy.