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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Awesome Rift Gameplay Videos

Sorry that I've been a bit slow in posting as of late. I like to try to keep to making at least one post every couple of days, but I've been distracted with a lot of other things. To get back into the swing of it, here are some awesome Rift gameplay videos that you are bound to enjoy.

If you've never seen an invasion in action before then watch the above video.

Some early Rift footage. More for nostalgia's sake than anything else. Nonetheless a neat watch, if you have 15 minutes free.

My Rift rogue assassin build guide. Some lvl 50 gameplay at the end to whet your appetite as well. Yes, being level 50 is awesome.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to the 'tgnRIFT' channel on YouTube- these guys put out the best Rift videos by far!

Leave a comment with your favorite Rift video and I'll check it out and add it to the post. Also, check out Rift Supremacy while you're at it; you could be level 50 making your own awesome gameplay videos.

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