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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rift Supremacy Game Guide Review

Rift is an awesome game, and if you haven't bought yourself a copy I highly advise you get one now. However, due to its complex nature and some of the more unique parts of the game (such as invasions and 'souls') it can be a difficult game to master. Because of this, Rift strategy guides have become increasingly popular with both beginner players, who are looking to learn the ropes of the game. They are also popular with intermediate players wanting to learn how to hit the level cap quickly.

In this Rift Supremacy game guide review you will learn more about one of the most popular Rift strategy guides. Although it was not the original strategy guide for Rift, Supremacy has cemented its places as one of the more popular titles, and has had a large number of customers since the guide was launched about three months ago.

The best bit of Rift Supremacy is its inclusion of video strategy guides and instructions. Video is just much easier to follow, and also allows some interesting possibilities for showing some of the more difficult parts of the game, as well as the harder parts of quests. For this reason alone, Rift Supremacy gets a lot of points as a quality game guide; video guides are neither quick nor cheap to produce, so getting these included for the purchase price is a huge bonus.

However, all the glitters is not gold, and Rift Supremacy is most certainly not free of faults. Firstly, it is not the best guide out there for absolute beginner players. If you are really struggling with the basic mechanics of the game then you would be far better served to read the Xerxes Rift guide instead, which has a sizable section dedicated solely to the interests of the absolute beginner Rift player. Also, Supremacy does not have the best guide to professions and in-game skills like runecrafting, fishing, and hunting.

The character build guides in Rift Supremacy are fantastic, and will help you to create a powerful character with ease. Check out the video below for a wee taster of a powerful character made with Rift Supremacy:

Instead, where Rift Supremacy truly shines is with its power leveling guide. If you are interested in hitting the level cap as quickly as possible, and want to become a top ranked player with ease then Supremacy does offer some pretty amazing strategies and tips that are unrivaled by any other major strategy guide. Power leveling basically involves gaining levels as quickly as possible, but with as little time input as possible. It can be quite a 'grinding' process, but is also a lot of fun once you get it out of the way and have a massively powerful character build in a very short space of time. By using the Rift Supremacy power leveling guide you will be hitting the level cap in a very short period of time.

Rift Supremacy is certainly an excellent guide. If you are a total 'noob' then there are better choices out there. However, if you are a quick learner and want to hit the level cap quickly then get Rift Supremacy today.

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