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Monday, October 10, 2011

Guardian vs Defiant

In today's post we are going to be taking a look at Guardian vs Defiant, the differences between these two 'factions', and how much your Rift experience will be altered depending on which one you pick when creating your character.
Basically, the Guardian are the 'good guys' of the Rift game world, chosen by the Gods and all that jazz. On the other hand, the Defiant (as the name suggests) are the 'bad boys', and instead use technology to enable themselves to resurrect 'ascended'; both Guardian and Defiant players are 'ascended', the only difference is how your character arrives at this point.
As far as Guardian vs Defiant is concerned, there aren't too many major differences in gameplay. If you go to Rift forums many will rant on endlessly about how one side is so much better than the other, but in my honest opinion it really doesn't matter too much.
The biggest difference is that the 'races' are faction specific- three for Guardian, three for Defiant. Guardian have Dwarf, High Elf, and Mathosian, and Defiant have Bahmi, Eth, and Kelari.
Here is a neat table showing the different attributes of each of the the races:

In conclusion, there isn't much difference between Guardian and Defiant, beyond the different races available. If you are new to Rift then click here read this comprehensive Rift beginners guide to learn exactly how to play the game like a pro.

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