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Friday, October 28, 2011

Rift Supremacy Level 50 Footage

Hey guys, can't remember if I have posted this video before, but here is some footage of Level 50 gameplay with Rift Supremacy. If you haven't got your own copy of this guide yet then I highly recommend you read my Rift Supremacy guide review.

Here's the video anyway:


  1. Nice vid! Really inspiring, hopefully I will have my 1st level 50 at the weekend after that I want to work on my epic equips. BTW, love your warhorse I’m really obsessed with it especially when I see some in game. I’m schedule to buy rift platinum from this site this weekend too as soon as I hit my level 50.

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  4. Nice Video footage. I have wait this level to come, I just start. However I enjoy Rift guide, it vary mush informative.

    George J. McGuire