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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rift Rogue Leveling Guide

In this Rift rogue leveling guide you are going to discover some of the most powerful strategies and methods for quickly gaining levels when playing as a rogue. Although the rogue is probably the easiest and most flexible character type to play as, it can still be rather difficult to level up quickly. Keep reading this rogue leveling guide to learn how to power-level in Rift easily and effectively.
Certain souls are better than others when trying to level up a Rift rogue. Keep this in mind when you create your character (skip the rest of this paragraph if you have already created your character, as it wont be relevant to you) If you are not confident with creating a very complex build then stick to either Bard or Ranger; these two souls offer rapid level progression and can create very competitive characters that will be fun to play from level 1 through 50. By combining both ranger and marksman you will create a rogue that has good tanking capabilities, but can also deal huge amounts of damage. If you want to see some more possibilities for Rift rogue leveling then take a look at the following rogue build database.
Here are a few more 'basic' Rift rogue leveling tips:
  • Ranger builds should make as much use as possible of the pet that comes with this soul. However, if you are not exclusively playing as a ranger (ie you are mixing souls) then don't put too many points into ranger at a low level. Use this soul for the pet.
  • The majority of rogue builds are better at PvE than PvP combat. Use this to your advantage and focus on PvE combat to ensure that you gain experience as quickly as possible.
  • Quest hard and frequently at lower levels; this is a rapid way to gain experience that you can then put into developing your character build.
  • If you have the bard soul in your build then put all 10 points you get at level 10 into the Bard tree. You need to get Anthem of Competence, as it is an extremely useful soul to use.
  • Have an idea in your head as to how you want your Rogue build to turn out- pumping points into random souls that sound like they might be fun is not a good way to advance. Instead, it is better to have a firm idea of your preferred build before you start playing seriously. Check out this Rift rogue build guide for some excellent ideas and strategies for leveling your character.

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