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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rift Prepaid Game Card

If you are worried about the potential security risks of setting up a monthly account to play Rift, or if you are just interested in trialling the game for a short period, then a Rift prepaid game card may be the answer you are looking for. Also, if you do not have your own credit card, but are able to buy things off Amazon (for example you may be too young to have your own credit card, but your parents let you buy off reputable sites like Amazon using their card) then you can use a Rift prepaid card to allow you to keep playing.

Usually a Rift subscription is $14.99 a month, if you pay for each month one at a time- you do get quite a sizable discount by signing up for a longer term. However, you can still get quite a good discount if you purchase a Rift prepaid game card from Amazon; you can get 2 months play time from $23.99, which works out at $12 a month. Hardly an expensive hobby at that price!

So if you just want to trial Rift, or want a 'safe' way to play get yourself a Rift prepaid game card from Amazon today, and get a handsome discount off the normal price of a monthly subscription.

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