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Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Is The Best Rift PVP Class? Read Here To Find Out

Extra, extra, read all about it! - Today you are going to learn what the best Rift PVP class happens to be. If you are a big fan of PVP combat, but aren't sure how to create a powerful character that will stand up to any test thrown at it, then you need to read this guide. Player vs player combat is very different to regular combat, and callings/classes and techniques that work there don't work so well in the realm of PvP.
The best calling (or class, if you prefer to use the old fashioned term) for PvP combat in Rift is the Warrior. Although you have probably read that the Rogue is the most flexible calling in general, when it comes to Player vs Player combat you really do need the extra power and combat strength that the Warrior calling brings to the table.
Now that we have determined that the Warrior is the best Rift PvP class, what is the best soul or character build for combat?
Both the Void Knight, and Riftblade souls are extremely potent for PvP combat. These two souls in combination will provide you with an excellent base for defense and offense against both magic and physical damage character builds. In particular, mages and clerics will have a difficult time overcoming the Void Knight, as it specializes in defending against cast magic. The Rift Blade is excellent at repelling physical damage attacks, so you are well sorted for all types of defense.
Because a Warrior-Rift Blade/Void Knight combo is so good at defense, and you can dish out huge amounts of physical damage, you just cannot be beaten (provided you have the right amount of skill and aren't battling out of your league) Only the Bard can offer a challenge, up until level 19-20. After this point the Warrior is just going to rocket ahead of the bard in the PvP stakes.
Therefore, the best Rift PvP class is the Warrior, with the Rift Blade and Void Knight souls. Put points and effort into this build and you will reap the reward for your efforts. Player vs Player combat is some of the most fun you will have with Rift, so make sure you have a good build for it.
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