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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rift Cleric DPS Build - Effective DPS Cleric Build

If you are after a good Rift cleric DPS build then try the following useful build type for what is normally considered to be a bit of a defensive magic caster. I'm not personally the biggest fan of using the Cleric as a DPS calling, but there are some pretty nifty builds that can be used.
The first Rift Cleric DPS build is based around the Cabalist, Inquisitor, and Sentinel souls. These offer some rather appealing offensive abilities, alongside good defensive potential if you want to go all out in PvP or PvE. In the below build Inquisitor and Sentinel are mostly there to offer useful stat increases- Cabalist is the main damage dealer.

Dark Passage and Engulfing Shadows are very useful abilities for a DPS-orientated Rift Cleric. Dark Passage will help you to escape from Area of Effect spells or attacks, by teleporting you a short distance away (you gotta play to your defensive strengths as a Cleric, and the use of magic to get your ass out of trouble is one of these)
Once again I would like to repeat that I am not an expert with Cleric DPS gameplay, as the Cleric is not really a calling I enjoy playing as. This Rift Cleric build for raiding DPS has also won 5 star reviews, so is worth a look at too. However, I think you will get very far with the one pictured above.
If you want to build powerful DPS characters for any calling, or you are interested in other build types such as healing, melee, and PvP play then read Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide. It has a truly fantastic builds for all calling and gameplay types, as well as very detailed beginners gameplay guides.

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