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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Xerxes Rift Guide Better Than Rift Supremacy?

The two most popular strategy guides for Rift would have to be Xerxes Guide, and Rift Supremacy. Both have been available for a while now, and have built up a loyal following despite the fact that Rift is such a new game. However, which one of these Rift game guides is the best?

Today we will witness head-to-head combat between Rift Supremacy and Xerxes. No holds barred action is about to ensue, so get ready to find out which guide is going to enable you to become the best Rift player possible.
So you know what guides I am on about here is a link to the Xerxes Guide website, and here is a link to the Rift Supremacy website.
Upon first impressions, the Xerxes Guide website looks more professional (to my eyes at least) It has slick presentation, and this instills confidence that the strategy guide is going to deliver on its promises. In contrast, Rift Supremacy's website is less aesthetically pleasing, and this makes it seem a bit 'cheaper'.
Of course these superficial presentation differences shouldn't let us detract from what is really important; which one of these guides is best for the humble Rift player?
They are actually quite close in terms of instruction and strategy. However, the two guides are aimed at different player types.
If you are new to MMORPG games, or are a beginner at Rift then I would highly recommend you purchase the Xerxes Guide. It has far superior strategies, tips, and gameplay methods for beginners and more casual gamers. Because Xerxes Guide also has an in-depth guide to the mechanics of Rift, it presents the perfect package for any beginner or intermediate players who want a helping hand at the game.
On the other hand, if you are already at a reasonable level (or if you are a skilled MMORPG gamer who knows the ins and outs of online RPG gaming) Rift Supremacy is better. This is because Rift Supremacy places a higher emphasis on power-leveling and high level questing/combat. If you are the kind of player who has to hit the level limit quickly then Supremacy offers what you need.
Both guides offer step-by-step questing and leveling guides for the Defiant and the Guardian. Where Rift Supremacy edges out Xerxes guide here is with its quality video instructions; although Xerxes written guides are very detailed, video is just on a whole different level of awesomeness. Therefore, if the dealbreaker for you is quality of questing guides then Supremacy would be a better option. In defence of Xerxes, it does have superior maps and written instructions, however.

Both guides have detailed strategies for all four callings, and all associated calls. I really like the way that the Xerxes Guide lays out its calling strategies, so you can just look at the type of character you want to play as (tanker, PvP, PvE etc) and then skip to that section. This part of the guide is really well thought out and very detailed. Rift Supremacy uses video instructions for its calling and souls guides; they are nice and detailed, but I actually prefer the Xerxes' system for this kind of information (although if you are the kind of person who learns faster by watching rather than reading then Supremacy is a great choice here)
As far as pricing and features goes, both offer secure and safe instant digital download and payment. Both accept payment from all major credit cards and Paypal, and both have 60 day money-back guarantees. Xerxes Guide is slightly more expensive at $37, whereas Rift Supremacy is $34.95. Both offer free updates, and Rift Supremacy has just updated its guide for Patch 1.2
In conclusion, both Xerxes Guide and Rift Supremacy are excellent quality Rift strategy guides. They are far better than any of the free ones floating around online, and if you are serious about playing Rift properly then getting one of the two is a must. Personally, because I have been an MMORPG fan for a number of years and take my gaming perhaps a little too seriously, I would go for Rift Supremacy. Basically, it is the better choice for the hardened gamer. However, if you are new to Rift, or just want a more straightforward guide for more casual gaming then you cannot go wrong with Xerxes Guide.
Click here to learn more about Rift Supremacy - the option for more experienced gamers.
Click here to learn about Xerxes Guide - the option for newer or more casual gamers.

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