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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rift Runecrafting Guide

Runecrafting is a skill (actually known as a crafting profession) Many RPG games and MMORPGs have similar systems to Rift's crafting system. In this Rift Runecrafting Guide you are going to learn more about this rewarding and useful profession.

The runeshards and runes that are created by Runecrafting can then be used to augment your equipment, and therefore imbue it with special properties, boosting all manner of useful stats such as your dexterity, damage, critical hit chance and more (for a full list of what every rune and runeshard does, click here) Basically, runecrafting is a great way to boost your character's strength and abilities.

You will need to get a trainer for Runecrafting, these can be found at the following locations:

For Defiant, you can find your Runecraft trainer in- Freemarch, Kelari Refuge, and Meridian.

For Guardian, you can find Runecrafting trainers in- Silverwood/Argent Glade, and Sanctum of the Vigil.

There are some runes and runeshards you cannot pay with normal 'currency' to be trained in the making of. Instead, you will have to use Artisan's Marks to get these more powerful runes.

At the heart of Rift runecrafting is Runebreaking. It is through the use of this skill that you will obtain most of the 'ingredients' needed to craft your runes. You can use Runebreak on magical items, as well as many non-magical items to produce varying materials. You need to use runebreak on uncommon, rare, or epic items, however. Runebreak is quite an important skill, and it will be covered in-depth on this blog at a later date.

You can also upgrade Runecrafting components such as 'uncommon powder', 'uncommon shard' etc. As long as you have the required number of the component you can use it to create the upgrade.

An example of how this works is as follows:

3 uncommon powers make 1 uncommon shard


5 kinetic arcs make 1 kinetic charge

You will discover more of these as you explore and progress through the game.

As you can see from this Rift runecrafting guide, it is a powerful yet complex crafting profession. It is one of my favorites, although it can take a long time to master. That is why you should use an in-depth guide to runecrafting and other professions/skills such as Rift Supremacy. You will be able to level up much more swiftly using Rift Supremacy, and it will also make runecrafting much easier and more straightforward.

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