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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rift Classes Guide

In this Rift classes guide you are going to learn a bit more about the different classes available to play. Note that this page is not about races, which differ depending on whether you play as Guardian or Defiant. Instead, it is about actual classes (which are character types such as rogue, mage, warrior etc- all usually present in most roleplaying games)
In Rift, classes are called 'callings'. This is just a titular difference, and for all intents and purposes it is much the same as the traditional term 'class'. There are four main classes/callings in Rift. Here is a rundown of the different callings, as well as the playing style of each:
  1. Mage. This is a basic magic casting type character, and they excel at dealing out damage with ranged attacks. Mages can prove invaluable at controlling crowds of enemies (which is very useful during Rifts/invasions) and are also great at PvP combat. There are a number of different mage 'souls' and builds you can use to create different types of characters. If you like dealing out damage with magic then pick a mage.
  2. Cleric. Like the mage, the cleric is a magic-based calling. However, whereas mages specialize in combat support and magic damage, clerics are much better at healing other players. This does not mean that a cleric is defenseless- they support chainmail armor which provides a high damage resistance.
  3. Rogue. This class uses physical damage to attack, with melee or ranged weapons. The rogue is probably the most flexible class out there. You can become a powerful ranged attacker, or a stealthy assassin. If you cannot make your mind up as to which calling to play as then I would highly recommend you pick rogue.
  4. Warrior. These are the powerful 'tankers' of the game. Basically, you are there to absorb and dish out damage with melee weapons at close range. If this is the style of play you enjoy, then this is the pick of the Rift classes for you.
Now you have read a basic guide to Rift classes, you need to decide which calling you want to play as. Like I mentioned above, if you are not sure which class to play as then pick rogue; this is a well-balanced class, and you cannot go far wrong. If you like magic I would suggest cleric- although healing may sound boring it is actually a lot of fun and an easy way to power level if you take part in Rifts.
For an in-depth guide to Rift classes and callings, as well as full leveling charts and soul guides, you need to read Rift Supremacy. This is the ultimate Rift classes and strategy guide, and it will walk you through creating a powerful character (regardless of race and class) You will also get in-depth questing instructions, and quickly find yourself rampaging through levels and loot.

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