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Monday, May 16, 2011

Rift Guide For Leveling Quickly

Here is a basic Rift guide for leveling up nice and quickly and without all the hassle that can come with playing a MMORPG:
  • Play in regular, shorter bursts. This means you will enjoy the game more and be less inclined to 'burn out' and not feel like playing. It is highly recommended that you do this.
  • Ask on players forums for tips about getting the most out of the game. Some posters will be hardened online RPG gamers, and therefore will know what they are talking about.
  • Perform as many quests as you can.
  • Only go PvP once you get up to higher levels- don't risk your valuable character early on.
  • Pick a character build you know you want to stick with. Nothing is worse than picking a build you have no interest in then giving up.
  • Purchase a Rift leveling guide and learn how to power level. The small investment will more than pay itself back once you discover yourself gaining levels, experience, and loot extremely quickly. I highly recommend Rift Supremacy, it is by far the best Rift guide for leveling quickly.

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