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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do You Need A Rift Game Guide?

Rift Supremacy is rapidly becoming a more and more popular online multiplayer roleplaying game. While it may not be as big as famous titles such as World of Warcraft, Rift is nonetheless and exciting and unique game that is well worth playing. However, do you need a Rift game guide to be able to play this game to its fullest?
To cut a long story short you don't need a guide to playing Rift. After all, it is a video game- you improve your skills over time, your character will level up, and you will get better at playing the game. Video gaming is just like any other skill, you learn and improve over time.
However, you should use a guide for Rift Supremacy for the following important reasons-
  1. You will save a lot of time, energy, and hassle that is normally associated with 'learning the ropes' of an MMORPG. Have you ever seen the classic episode of South Park, where the boys try to become the best World of Warcraft players? They spend literally months leveling up their characters performing boring and repetitive tasks, and in doing so lose all drive to play the game. Using a Rift guide will enable you to avoid this fate by showing you shortcuts around the most boring bits of the game, so you can instead focus on having fun.
  2. You will get the edge over other players. PvP is one of the most exciting things about online gaming, but it can also be very difficult if you don't know what you are doing. Using a guide will show you how to build the best possible character, and then use that character to dominate the competition.
  3. You will learn to play in new and unique ways. A big part of Rift is the 'callings' system, which is pretty similar to classes found in other games. We all have a favorite calling/class, and usually you will stick to your favorite class when playing even different games. However, by using a Rift calling guide you will learn how to play different and unique classes, thus extending your enjoyment of the game much further.
  4. You will get the most out of your playing time. Power leveling is a big aspect of successful MMORPG game playing. Cut the time you waste leveling so you can get more questing, raiding, fighting and fun out of your precious day.
  5. You will become a better player. Full stop.
As you can see these are just some of the reasons you ought to use a Rift game guide. Whether you are a casual player, or a seasoned gamer, you can get the most possible out of your gaming time.
I would highly recommend you get yourself a copy of Rift Supremacy, which is one of the leading Rift guides. The author is a hardcore gamer, so he knows his stuff. Many gamers have used this guide to rapidly increase their character level, and improve their skills without boredom or frustration.
What sets Rift Supremacy aside is its extensive use of video instructions- most other guides just use text and pictures, but videos make all the difference as you can actually see what you need to do in order to get ahead ASAP.
A copy of Rift Supremacy will cost you just under $35 USD, and will save you hours of frustration and difficulty (which is inevitable with MMORPG games) This is a small investment to make for the sake of massively boosting your gaming enjoyment.
Click here to learn more about Rift Supremacy and to get your own copy.

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